About Me.

How many people really read the ‘About’ section?  I don’t know, it couldn’t be more than a dozen.  Just for a little bit of input though so you guys who DO stumble across this link, I’ll give you all a little heads-up on my experience in World of Warcraft and discipline priest healing more specifically.

> I re-rolled a new account when Wrath came out.  This wasn’t because I was banned or anything like that, it was simply a matter that I had forgotten my username from my original account and really had no desire to go through the process of locating my previous one.  I originally only played for a few months about two years ago and I really didn’t enjoy the game then…. so I quit!  Around the time that Wrath came out, one of my roommates was a hardcore raider on the Kilrogg-US server.  He gave me a 14-day trial edition of the game and I decided “ah, why not.”  So I popped in the game, rolled a warrior… and promptly stopped playing said warrior.  THEN, I rolled my Draenei priest and my adventures in Azeroth have never been the same.  I’ve been raiding on my priest for about two months, but have been a “student” of the class since I originally rolled him about six months ago.  (Elitist Jerks theory-crafting, WoM, anything else I can get my hands on about disc priests, and healing in general)  So that’s really it.  I leveled 1-80 with discipline always being my spec, no matter how many haters told me to level shadow.  After all, I said, if I wanted to dps I would have rolled a mage.  I’m also attempting to become a pvp guru… but right now I’m getting pwnd. 🙂

>>Now to my writing background.  I am a much more experienced writer than WoW player.  Back in high school, I kept a blog for over two years on Xanga and it was somewhat popular, but it never took off like I wanted it to.  I’ve also written many short stories and longer works that are currently in phases ranging from ideas to published.  Essentially, the heart of this blog is (I hope) a discussion on the stories found in Azeroth and my own thoughts on how these can be added to, expounded upon, and can be used to create more content for the game that we love. 

Please feel free to provide any constructive feedback you want and I will make sure to read as much as I can.  But anyway, thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy yourself!



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