Websites, and Being Taken Seriously.

I can’t find it now, but a little while ago I read a post on World of Matticus that discussed the importance of having your own website.  Not one of these free ones that simply allows you to post and a few other options, but a real, professional, stimulating, and (most importantly) unique site.  Matticus, in so many words, stated that he bought webspace simply because he had to to take the craft of blogging seriously.  I have to agree with him, while at the same time saying that I can take blogging seriously on a free site… but no one else will.  For that reason, I am here today to tell you I am currently building a professional site with a real domain and everything!  Joy!

Hell, how many failed blogs have been on wordpress?  That’s not hating, but in order to be serious, I need a place that allows me to expand my creativity beyond where free blog space can put me.  I know it’s like, what, three posts in?  Yeah, but blogging is going to be something that I continue for a while.  The fine people over at Project Lore have ads in their videos now for  If you haven’t seen the site, I recommend checking it out, it is absolutely mind-boggling the shit you can pull off on that site.  I’m currently in the infant stages of setting up the blog the way I want it.  As you can imagine, my needs for the blog are, I think, unique – so dropping a mere $7.20 a month (with using the promotion code on the PL website) will afford me everything I need to make the kind of site I crave.  

With that being said, I need YOUR help!  I need someone with photo-shop skillz to help me create my banner and background.  I have ideas for both and already have the screencaps that I want to use.  Essentially, I want this to be a professional endeavor.  MSPaint Pros need not apply.  After finishing the job, some sort of financial compensation will be given.  (I am looking at about 25-75 dollars for both background and header)  Drop me a line if interested, or if you know anyone that is.




P.s. – in case I didn’t make this clear (I didn’t) please send examples of your work.  email:


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